(photo by R.Millin)

Mr USA x Cameo's Truly Fair ( x Cameo's Farewell)






Stonewall King




Stonewall Supreme






Mamie Peavine



Stonewall Starfire







Anacacho Shamrock




Fairy Darling






Ace's Fairy










Wing Commander




Rhythm Command






Sweet Rhythm



Grey Tango







King's Genius




Odessa Mae






Liberty Princess










Edna  May's King




Cameo Kirby






Jane Black



Cameo's Farewell







Indiana Ace




Just Plain Jane



Cameo's Truly Fair



Grassland's Debutante










Cameo Kirby




Ensign Kirby






Girl of  My Dreams



Fair Ensign







Beau Peavine




Fair Virginia






Lady  Virginia

Grey Tango was imported in 1971 by Bill Sieberhagen for Basjan Steyn. She had a foal with her by Stonewall Starfire. He  was called Starfire Rhythm and shortly after arriving in South Africa his name was changed to Mr. USA.  Fanie Naude of Vida Saddle Horse Stud bought Mr USA and the rest is history. Mr USA with Andre Maskell won the S.A. Grand Champion Fine Harness in 1981.  In 1997  Andre had another Fine Harness Grand Champion.  This time he won it with a grandson of Mr USA, Yoko's Tormado.


Grey Tango and Toppy Rowan (Hunt)

(photo by Noelle Seymour)


Stonewall Starfire (Stonewall Supreme x Fairy Darling)

(photo by Shirley Paulette)

Mr USA (Stonewall Starfire x Grey Tango)  

(photo by Jan Genade)

Few stallions in South Africa had a greater effect on the local Saddle Horse industry than Yokozuna! He was bred by Fanie Naude's Vida stud and is out of Mr USA by Cameo's Truly Fair (Cameo's Farewell X Fair Ensign). He was then bought by Andre Maskell who trained and bred with him. He will not be remembered as a show horse, but as a breeding stallion he was remarkable! He topped the General Sire Rating for many years while he was still alive. An untimely death in 1992 deprived the Saddle Horse Industry of a grand stallion whose breeding career just started. His dam, Cameo's Truly Fair was a foal out of the prolific mare Fair Ensign. Yokozuna crossed well with any bloodline, but it is no coincidence that two of his S.A. Grand Champions were out of Supreme O' Lee mares, namely Now or Never (dam of Never on Sunday) and Sarah Lee (dam of Yoko's Tornado).

Show record:

1985 S.A. Reserve Junior Champion Three Gaited 

 1987 S.A. Reserve Stallion in hand

Registered Get: 70

 YOKOZUNA has sired the following S.A. Champions:

Yoko's Tornado 3168, ch. s. (Sarah Lee) 1997 S.A. Grand Champion Fine Harness

Never On A Sunday 7778, blk.g. (Now or Never) 1994-1996 S.A. Grand Champion Fine Harness; 1999  won S.A. Three Gait Amateur Champion.

Parader's Lady 10079, b.m.(Painted Lady) 1999 won S.A.Five Gaited Grand Championship.

The Inferno 7371, ch.g. (Dorothy Dare) 1992 - won S.A. Five Gaited Grand Championship.

Barcelona , ch. g. (Sun Queen) 2001 won S.A. Three Gait Children's Riding Horse 14 - 18 years.

Cantherius, ch.s. (Sun Queen) 1999 2nd  S.A. Stallion in hand Championship.

Yoko Rico 10502, blk. m. (Wing's April Love) 1997 won S.A. Three Gaited Mare Championship and 2nd Three Gaited Grand Championship.

Mr Yodack 9150, ch.g. (Ugly Duckling) 1995 won S.A. Junior Five Gaited Championship.

Sensational Stonewall 9326, ch.m. (Town's Sensation) 1990 won S.A. Two Year Old Fine Harness Championship.

Mr American 7119, ch.g. (America's Temptation) 1987 won S.A. Yearling colt; 1994 won S.A. Three Gaited Novice Champion.


(photo by R.Millin)

The Inferno (Yokozuna x Dorothy Dare) and Pieter van der Meulen

1992 - S.A. Five Gaited Grand Champion



(photo by R.Millin)

Yoko's Tornado (Yokozuna x Sarah Lee) and Andre Maskell

1997 - S.A. Fine Harness Grand Champion

Exported 1997 to KALARAMA FARM, Springfield, Kentucky



(photo by Jan Genade)

Perfect Timing (Yoko's Tornado x Sun Queen) and Kevin Eltringham

Grandson of Yokozuna

2001 S.A. Two Year Old Fine Harness Champion



(photo by Neil Scholtz)

Never On Sunday (Yokozuna x Now or Never) and Mike Arnold

1994 - 1995 S.A. Fine Harness Grand Champion


(photo by Neil Scholtz)

Parader's Lady (Yokozuna x Painted Lady) and Danie Marais

1999 - S.A. Five Gaited Grand Champion



(photo by R.Millin)

Barcelona (Yokozuna x Sun Queen) and Peter McNoughton

2001 - S.A. Children's Three Gaited Grand Champion



(photo by R.Millin)

Cantherius (Yokozuna x Sun Queen)  shown by Jacques Wiggins

1999 - S.A. Reserve Champion Stallion in hand.





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