Scandal's Last Tango x Wing's Hyacinth ( x Hi-Wing)






Sensation Rex




Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly






Meadow Vanity








Vanity's Scandal


Reverie's Bourbon Gale




Bryfan Susie K



Scandal's Last Tango



Roberta Quinlan










Broadland's Captain Denmark




Captain Mc Duffy






Prince of Genius



Gifted Pearl







My Own Independance




Gifted Gie






Fair Virginia










Anacacho Shamrock




Wing Commander






Flirtation Walk



Hi - Wing







Beau Fortune




Crebilly's Hi-Note



Wing's Hyacinth



Kalarama Lorelei










Society Rex




Special Society






American Sundance



Special's Irish Rose







Anacacho Shamrock




Irish Lily






Roxy Lee Highland

   This new edition to NEWLINE is by the great breeding sire, Scandal's Last Tango out of a Hi-Wing mare.  Tango's Pearl is a 75% blood sister to the late great walktrot and fine harness champion, Tango's Wee Pee. NEWLINE was lucky to get hold of this mare for breeding purposes. She is shown in the above picture with one of her foals, Black Magic, sired by Perfect Timing.

Tango's Wee Pee and Dena Lopez

photo by J. Schatzberg

Tango's Pearl has produced a beautiful stud colt in 2009, Unexpected Timing by Perfect Timing. He is as animated and pretty as his sire.

Unexpected Timing at 7 days trotting at Middelburg

Unexpected Timing at 9 months.