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No 1 Sire for many years on the S.A. Sire rating. Imported by Danny Theron and Bill Sieberhagen of Richmond as a yearling in 1971. He was bred by Catherine Jane Conroy of Ontario, Canada and was then owned by Alvin C. Ruxer Farms, Jasper in Indiana.

His grandsire Valley View Supreme was purchased in 1963 by Mr Ruxer. Valley View Supreme is the only stallion thus far to win in 1956 a World Champion Three Gaited Grand Championship. He died of  a heart attack in November 1967 and straight away Mr Ruxer succeeded in re-purchasing his yearling son, Supreme Sultan. Supreme Sultan whose first foals arrived in 1969 achieved instantaneous success in the showring. The golden cross of Supreme Sultan with Wing Commander mares is well known and Supreme O' Lee, or The Royal Sultan as he was originally registered in USA, is testimony of this.

His dam, The Royal Princess, is a Wing Commander x Princess Margaret O'Goshen (by Ace O'Goshen). The Royal Princess was World Champion Weanling in 1961 and Reserve World Champion Yearling in 1962.

Lee Kaplan wrote in her book, American Saddle Horses in South Africa :" With such breeding he (Supreme O' Lee) should have an interesting future ahead of him both in the show ring and at stud" That was indeed prophetic words. Supreme O' Lee was No 1 Sire on the Futurity and General Sire Rating for years and today his offspring are still to be reckoned with and his mares are outstanding broodmares.