Bloemfontein 2002

Bloemfontein 2002 was  very unlucky for Timing. He had his fourth birthday just before the show and had to show in the Four Year Old Fine Harness instead of the Three Year Old Class as he would have if the show was on the same dates as usual.

Timing was placed 1st by one judge, but the other two tied him low and in the end he got an overall 4th place. None of last years other two year olds were placed in this class. 

We will try again next year and hope that the show will be on the same dates as usual so that Perfect Timing can have another go at the  2003 S.A. Junior Fine Harness Title!

He still  is a great and very gifted stallion - his first foals will be born in September 2002.

Pedigree information