Supreme O' Lee x  America's Hifalutin ( x Young America)







Genius Bourbon King




Valley View Supreme






Diana Gay



Supreme Sultan







Anacacho Denmark




Melody O'Lee



Supreme O'Lee



Judy O'Lee










Anacacho Shamrock




Wing Commander






Flirtation Walk



The Royal Princess







Ace O'Goshen




Princess Margaret O' Goshen






Princess Elizabeth O' Goshen










Genius Bourbon King




Mr America






Blessed Event



Young America











Miss Connie



America's Hifalutin



Mona Peavine










Sensation Rex




Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly






Meadow Vanity



Vanity's Charming Lady







Pretty Boy Chief




Pretty's Boy's Golden Dream






Bourbon's Pursuit


This 5 year old mare, bred by Gielie Visser of Darling was bought for her bloodlines. Her first foal by Perfect Timing is the beautiful Lady Hamilton.

Sultan's Charming Lady and her 7 day old foal, Lady Hamilton.

Lady Hamilton at 2 years.