Kentucky State Fair 2008


I had the privilege of attending part of the recent 105th World Championship Horse Show, in Louisville, Kentucky. I was only there for three days - my visit to Kentucky was for another reason. I have send Kevin with instructions to be on the lookout  for Undulata's Nutcracker x Attache's Thunderbolt colts and on the Monday he phoned me and insisted that I should fly over to look at some colts. On very short notice I got a flight with Delta Airlines, via Dakar and after another misplaced baggage ordeal I arrived in Louisville on Thursday afternoon 13h00. Kevin immediately took me to Joan Lurie's Willowbank Farm in Simpsonville where I picked 2 colts, the one we had a second look at on Friday. On Friday I bought my dream colt, the 3 month old, Undulata's Made In Heaven! He is by the WC producing sire Undulata's Nutcracker out of Believe in Love (x Attache's Thunderbolt). THANKS Joan and Kevin!

The show was still great but for me the 105th show will be remembered for buying this colt and not all the new World Grand Champions!

Undulata's Made In Heaven


The highlight of the show was definitely the Grand Champion Fine Harness. Sandra Lilly and Mother Mary (Revival x Mother Superior) was brilliant and took a unanimous decision from the judges.

Two Stallion's offspring in the performing classes caught the eye, namely  Attache's Thunderbolt and CF First Night Out. 

Two  ex-South African Stallions progeny again stood out from the rest of the imports, namely (S.A.) Tornaado and Tango's Wee Pee. Congratulations to James Orr on purchasing (SA) Tornaado just before the show.

(SA) First Night Out and Neil Visser was the Five Gaited World Champion Stallion. Gene van der Walt was one of the judges, a great honour to be the first South African born to judge at Louisville! I also heard that Warrior Song, the S.A. stallion of Singing Hill Stables had more World Champion offsping. Congratulations to Gene and Bill Blacklaw with this achievement!

I have taken some photographs of some of the World Champions and Reserve World Champions and would like to share it on the website.

All photographs have copyright protection and may not be used in any manner without permission or payment. 

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Western Country Pleasure Invitational Championship

Champion - Like Thunder


Equitation KSF Senior Championship

Champion - Ellen Medley Wright


Hackney and Harness Pony Championship

World Grand Champion Hackney Pony  - On The Mark

Hackney Pony Amateur World Champion  - Seamair Simply Awesome

Harness Pony Amateur World Champion - Truly Naughty By Nature

World Grand Champion Roadster Pony - Beulah Jean

Roadster Pony Amateur Reserve World Champion - Regal's Trademark


Fine Harness

World  Grand Champion, Reserve World Champion Mare  - Mother Mary

Junior  World Champion - Voulez Vous

Amateur World Champion  - Nurse Goodbody

Amateur Reserve World Champion - Lace's Last Tango

Ladies World Champion , Ladies Champion - Lady Vol

ASR National Two Year Old Futurity - Dressed For The Party

Three Year Old Mare - Magical Promises


Three Gaited

World Grand Champion - Our Charming Lady

Reserve World Grand Champion - Grande Gil

Ladies Three Gaited World Champion - Victoria Lynn

Ladies Amateur World Champion   -   Glenview's Excelalante!

Ladies Amateur Reserve World Champion   -   Heavenly Thunder

Amateur World Champion - Marching Orders

Junior World Champion  - A Travelin' Man

Reserve Junior World Champion  - I'm McDreamy

Champion Three Year Old, Div I - Callaway's Flying Blue

Champion Three Year Old, Div II -   Paranormal

World Champion Junior Exhibitor 14 - 17 years - She's My Desire

World Champion Junior Exhibitor 13 & Under - Show Baby Show

Amateur Park Reserve Champion  - Another Bay

Pony World Champion - Manhatten's Irish Cream

Country Pleasure Adult Champion - The Shadow Knows

Country Pleasure 14 - 17 Years Champion - Highpoint's Grandee

Show Pleasure, 13 years and under - Can You Hear Me Know

ASR National Futurity Three Year Old Park Pleasure - Pola Negri


Five Gaited

World Grand Champion and Reserve World Champion Gelding - Breaking News

Reserve World Grand Champion and Champion Mare - According To Lynn

Champion Stallion - (SA) First Night Out

Ladies World Champion  - Walterway's Remember Me

Ladies Amateur World Champion -  Titlebound

Junior World Champion  - The Daily Lottery

Champion  Three Year Old Mare Division I - Callaway's Don't Sass Me

Three Year Old, Stallion/Gelding Champion Division I - Undulata's Health Nutt

Show Pleasure Adult Champion - Champagne Treat