Conowingo x Brown Rose ( x Jack Robin Twigg)   




Rex Peavine



Maid's Rex





Highland Maid


Rex Lee Lewis






Admiral King



Linda Lee Lewis





The Decoration Lady








Bourbon King








Margaret Weissinger


Mattie Bates






Bourbon King



Mattie MCB





Ella Redman








Rex Peavine



Jack Twigg





Gladys Twigg


Jack Robin Twigg






Highland Gay



Gay Betsy Trotwood


Brown Rose



Betsy Trotwood








Grand   McDonald



Blade's Choice





Rosa Lee


Choice Rose






Forest Legrand



Nellie Glascock






 Bred by Dr. J.L. Gilchrist, Shelbyville, Missouri - born in 1944 - imported by Piet Louw in 1950 with two foals

 Stonewall Wingo ( x Wilmar's Stonewall)


Gorgeous Giela ( x Pirate Gold)

She was in foal when imported and produced, Courageous Gift, ( x  Courageous Peavine) in South Africa.

She died in 1968 - at 24 years of age - having produced 17 offspring and leaving a legacy of breeding and show horses.

Her first S.A. conceived foal was Golden Eileen ( x Gwinn Island Chief) - she unfortunately died in a freak accident when she broke her neck while jumping off a truck.

Her impact on the S.A. Saddlebred industry was enormous. Her blood flows in most of the S.A. Champions of today and yesterday and are even back in the USA through five stallions (S.A.) Tornaado, Zovoorbij Commander in Chief, War Image, Wild Temper  & Dorian Warrior Song.

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Wilmar's Stonewall Stonewall Wingo (S) He sired Beau Masterpiece who sired S.A. Masterpiece - when again bred to Jodie Ann sired the S.A. Champion mare, Jodine, the dam of the S.A. Grand Champion Three Gaited legend, Imp's Bernadine. Shalako, the great S.A. Three Gaited Grand Champion and successful sire also derives from  this line. Shalako is the sire of O' Kalash the sire of 2002, 2003 - 2005 S.A. Single Harness Grand Champion, Bubble's Delight and 2003 S.A. Five Gaited Grand Champion,  Mr World.


Pirate Gold Gorgeous Giela (M)


Courageous Peavine Courageous Gift (S)
15/03/1951 Gwinn Island Chief Golden Eileen (M) died young in a freak accident


Rex Ace Edith Fable (M)


Royal Conowingo Conowingo Supreme (S)


Indiana Ace Indiana's Ann 1963 - S.A. Three Gaited Grand Champion. Dam of S.A. Champion Non Lola and Indiana Ace II. Unfortunately she died young.


Indiana Ace Juliet Ace S.A. Champion Junior Three Gaited Mare. Dam of S.A. Champions - Cameo's Chester Dare, Cameo's Lolita (The granddam of El Nino - the sire of  WGC Commander in Chief) and dam of Cameo's Impersonator who is the sire of Imp's Dominator who is the sire of 2001 S.A. No. 1 sire Dominator's  Radetsky.


Indiana Ace Ace's Favourite (S) This very promising colt unfortunately  died young in a freak accident.


S.A. Masterpiece Jodine (M) This S.A. Champion Mare is the dam of the S.A. Three Gaited Grand Champion legend, Imp's Bernadine, as well as S.A. Champion, Cameo's Undine who is the dam of another S.A. Champion, Undine's Universe. Jodine is also the dam of Majestic Janine who is the dam of the great sire Trojan, who is the sire of S.A. Five Gaited Grand Champions Wild Temper and Warlord. Warlord is the sire of War Image, Five Gaited Stallion World Champion and Reserve Five Gaited World Grand Champion. Warlord is also the sire of Warlord's Touché (out of the mare Miss Cassidy) the sire of S.A. Champions, Let's Celebrate, My Testimony and Black is Beautiful.


Midnight Silhouette Lydia's Anita (M)


Indiana Ace Jodie's Crown Jewel (M) The best mare of them all!. The dam of Imp's Dominator who is the sire of 2001 S.A. Nr 1 sire, Dominator's Radetsky. The dam of the S.A. Amateur Five Gaited Champion, Peavine's Emerald. The dam of one of the best broodmares in South Africa - Cameo's Rare Jewel - who is the dam of S.A. Five Gaited Champion Stallion, Sparkling O' Lee,  who is the sire of  S.A. Champion, Sparkle's Spirit, the sire of 2000 S.A.Five Gaited Grand Champion - War Hawk. Sparkling O' Lee is also the sire of Sun Queen, the dam of 2001 Three Gaited Child's Riding Horse - Barcelona - and the dam of 2001 S.A. Champion Two Year Old Fine Harness Horse, Perfect Timing. Cameo's Rare Jewel is also the dam of S.A. Champion Ladies Fine Harness Horse, Please To  Meet You and Sarah Lee, the S.A. Champion Fine Harness Mare and the dam of S.A. Grand Champion Fine Harness horse - (S.A.) Tornaado, who is also the sire of Perfect Timing - the 2001 S.A. Champion Two Year Old Fine Harness Horse. Something Rare Again, the S.A Grand Champion Fine Harness Horse in 1998 is also a foal of Cameo's Rare Jewel by the stallion Flaming Fire.


Indiana Ace Indiana's Favourite (S)


Cameo's Farewell Cameo's Alley Cat (M) Dam of S.A. Champion, Masterpiece's Twilight.


Cameo's Farewell Cameo's Zhivargo (S)


Cameo's Farewell Cameo's Highland Denmark (S)


Cameo's Farewell Cameo's Cock Robin (S)

Imp's Bernadine & Mike Arnold

photo by Jan Genade

Shalako and Dalene de Beer

photo by R. Millin

Peavine's Emerald and Dina Botha

photo by R. Millin


Sparkling O' Lee & Andre Maskell

photo by R.Millin


Perfect Timing & Kevin Eltringham

photo by Fotojan


Zovoorbij Commander in Chief & Red Crabtree,

winning the 1997 Five Gaited World Grand Champion Title.

(a painting by Helen Hayse)


copyright Ross Millin 2004