S.A. National Championship Show - Bloemfontein 2005

Perfect Timing and Gene van der Walt - top three S.A. Champion Fine Harness Stallion/Gelding.

(Kevin got injured and could not show any of the KE Stables horses - Gene did a great job!))

photo by Fotojan

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Model Classes

S.A. Grand Champion Stallion - Call Me Jack

S.A. Grand Champion Mare - Laura Belle


Fine Harness

S.A. Grand Champion Amateur - Star Little Jo

S.A. Champion Mare - Simply Stunning

S.A. Champion Two Year Old  - Dodge

S.A. Champion Natural Mane and Tail  - Shalako's Nandi


Single Harness

S.A. Grand Champion and Champion Mare - Bubbles Delight


Three Gaited

S.A. Grand Champion - Sporting Streetfighter

S.A. Amateur Grand Champion and Champion Mare - Touch the Moon

S.A. Ladies Reserve Champion - Babieco

S.A. Champion Four Year Old  - Black is Beautiful

S.A. Champion Three Year Old - Radetsky's Princess

S.A. Champion TwoYear Old  - Remember Me

S.A. Champion Reserve Champion Two Year Old  - Snapshot

S.A. Grand Champion Child's Horse/ Champion, rider 16 years & under  -  Pride and Passion

S.A. Champion Child's Horse, rider 18 years & under  -  Hot Ice

S.A. Champion  Natural Mane and Tail  - Shalako's Nandi


Five Gaited

S.A. Grand Champion and Gelding Champion - Braveheart Warrior

S.A. Reserve Grand Champion/ Champion Stallion - Valley's Cloud Burst

S.A. Champion Four Year Old  - First Night Out

S.A. Champion Three Year Old  - Bat Out Of Hell

S.A. Reserve Champion Three Year Old  - King of Clubs

S.A. Champion of Champions - Lindsay Owen

S.A. Reserve Champion of Champions - Andre de Villers

S.A. Grand Champion Pleasure Horse - Summertime Evening