S.A. National Championship Show - Bloemfontein 2004

Perfect Timing and Jacques Wiggins.

photo by Fotojan

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Model Classes

S.A. Champion Weanling  - The Regent

S.A. Reserve Grand Champion Stallion - Rock This Country

S.A. Grand Champion Mare - Laura Belle


Fine Harness

S.A. Grand Champion,   -  Walking Tall

S.A. Reserve Grand Champion  - Call Me Jack

S.A. Grand Champion Amateur - Star Little Jo

S.A. Amateur Champion owner/trained - Zucherro

S.A. Gentleman Champion  - Special Command

S.A. Reserve Champion Four Year Old - Simply Stunning

S.A. Champion driver 18 years & under - La Bamba


Three Gaited

S.A. Grand Champion - Sporting Streetfighter

S.A. Reserve Grand Champion   - Touch the Moon

S.A. Novice Champion   - The Fine Print

S.A. Amateur Grand Champion/ Reserve Champion Four Year Old - Never on Saturday

S.A. Reserve Amateur  Grand Champion/ Reserve Ladies Champion - Little Prince

S.A. Ladies Champion - Spokey O'Lee

S.A. Champion Three Year Old  - Song Of Fortune

S.A. Reserve Champion Three Year Old  - Harry Potter

S.A. Grand Champion Child's Horse/ Champion, rider 18 years & under  -  The Firemaster

S.A. Champion Child's Horse, rider 16 years & under  -  Hot Ice

S.A. Champion Child's Horse, rider 14 years & under  -  Barcelona

S.A. Champion Walk & Trot Child's Horse, rider 10 years & under  -  Vidas


Five Gaited

S.A. Grand Champion and Gentleman Champion - Prince's Domino

S.A. Reserve Grand Champion/ Champion Gelding - Wee Pee's Day by Date

S.A. Reserve Champion Gelding - Brave Heart Warrior

S.A. Reserve Champion Stallion - Kelly's Final Touch

S.A. Grand Champion Amateur/ Champion owner/trained - Angel States Commander

S.A. Novice Champion - Joe Black

S.A. Grand Champion Child's Riding Horse/ Champion rider 18 years & under - Lee Roby

S.A. Grand Champion Child's Riding Horse/ Champion rider 11- 14 years - Hi-O-Lee

S.A. Grand Champion Pleasure Horse - I'll Take Champagne